ECUPE14 GROUP | Ecuador-Peru 14 days

From the “Mitad del Mundo” to Machu Picchu

The Andes Cordillera over 7000 km long crosses the South American continent from North to South starting in Venezuela and continuing in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina it is in the inter-Andina region from Ecuador and Sierra Peruvian that we travel and spend 14 days where we visit the Ecuadorian part going down from North to South from Quito to Cuenca and join Peru by plane in the region of Cuzco where we visit Machu Picchu before we go further south to Lake Titicaca and finish in Lima. From Quito, we go first to the region of Imbabura to visit the famous market of Otavalo and go through the Cotacachi National Park to see the beautiful Cuicocha Lake. We will descend to the south through the Antisana Reserve and Cotopaxi Park and observe the volcano of the same name. Always heading South we will make a detour via Lake Quilotoa and visit the market of Saquisili before reaching Riobamba we visit before taking the road to take the train of the devil's nose and finish in the city of Cuenca the third largest city ​​of Ecuador. We leave Ecuador to go to Cuzco and discover the many sites that abound the ancient Inca capital but also the secrets of the sacred valley where Machu Picchu is jealously guarded. This incursion into Peru also takes us to the mythical and miserable Lake Titicaca where we will learn a better culture of Uros and their floating islands made of reed before returning to Lima or ends this journey.
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