COLEC14 GROUP | Colombia-Ecuador 14 days

From Bogota to Quito

We have 14 days to discover these two attractive countries, Colombia and Ecuador. This tour begins in Colombia in Bogota the big capital and his 8 million inhabitants which is located in Sabana, this plateau perching on the heights of the Andes Cordillera at 2640m of altitude then we descend towards the South, to discover the religious sculptures of San Agustin before going up via the Cocora valley in the coffee region before flying to Ecuador and discovering the country by crossing it from North to South in 8 regions of the 10 regions that form the Sierra ( Imbabura, Pichincha, Napo, Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Canar, Azuay) where we can appreciate the sweetness of life of Ecuadorians in the countryside and the mountains as well as the craft markets, volcanoes, lagoons, national parks, fauna and Flora. We also contemplate on our route the waterfalls on the Baños side at the edge of the Pastaza river before taking the devil's nose train near Cuenca then later near Quito we go to the Yanacocha Biological Reserve and discover the fauna and the flora. We still have the opportunity to visit the ponchos market and visit Lake Cuicocha as well as a typical Ecuadorian hacienda before the end of our spectacular stay which ends in the city of Quito.
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