CHINOR14 GROUP | North Chile 14 days

The great North of Chile

This route takes us to the territories lost by Peru and Bolivia during the Pacific War today called the great Chilean North. But first, we go to the Pacific coast to discover Valparaiso also nicknamed the jewel of the Pacific before flying to the Far North near Calama famous mining town where is the largest open-pit copper mine in world but also the small town of San Pedro D'Atacama where we will put our suitcases a few days to visit the lagoons, Salar and discover the fauna and flora. The geology of this region offers many surprising sites that we visit before taking the road to the city of Iquique on the Pacific coast and discover Humberstone an old saltpetre factory and the geoglyphs of the region. Then we leave the coast for a moment to follow the Cordillera of the Western Andes and cross the Isluga and Vicuña national parks and reach the small village of Putre perching at an altitude of 3500m near Lauca National Park. We descend to reach Arica, the northernmost coastal city of Chile and discover the importance of this city during the Pacific War. Finally, we take a plane to return to Santiago and we discover the campaign of the metropolis of Santiago and make an oenological stop in the valleys of Colchagua to better know the rural Chilean but also enjoy some food and wine before leaving the country.
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