BOLPE14 PRIVATE | Bolivia-Peru 14 days Private

Long, long time ago Bolivia was Alto Peru...

The current borders of Bolivia, Peru are derived from contemporary wars. They are not natural. The Incas used the Andean topography to delimit their empire. It is this natural, fruit of many years of experience, wishes to make you discover. It is therefore a question of abolishing borders to take advantage of a single geographical block, which alone today condenses several cultures, several nationalities, folklore and different gastronomies. But the historical base, it remains common: Inca empire and Spanish Conquista ... The journey has many facets and allows you to multiply the sensations, day after day: a cultural part (the largest Inca sites and colonial cities) combined with a part adventure in 4x4 in unknown regions of the Bolivian Altiplano. This tour brings together a wealth of ecosystems and landscapes that are hard to beat: the volcanic mountain range of Sajama Park, the colorful Indian markets of La Paz, Lake Titicaca, the desolate expanses of the Altiplano and the semi-tropical Macchu valleys. Picchu. A complete palette of Andean wonders!
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