BOLPE14 GROUP | Bolivia and Peru 14 days

Long, long time ago Bolivia was Alto Peru...

This trip takes place on the Bolivian and Peruvian altiplano where we can appreciate the Aymara culture of the North Altiplano and further east on the Sucre side the Quechua culture, we cross Bolivia from North to South through the Salar from Uyuni and the deserts of Lipez to reach the Licancahur the most southern point of Bolivia then we will go back from the South to the east before joining Tiwanaku and cross the Peruvian border near Lake Titicaca, still on the Altiplano we join the city of Puno and continue to the inescapable city of Cuzco and its many archaeological sites dotted around the city and in the sacred valley of the Incas. Then we will take the train to spend a pleasant day at Machu Picchu famous archaeological site discovered by explorer Hiram Bingham before returning to Cuzco to fly to Lima where our stay ends.
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