ARGSOU14 GROUP | South Argentina 14 days

From Buenos Aires to the Southern Cone

This itinerary takes us on a journey to Argentina's "Great South" and more precisely to this region of the South American continent called the Southern Cone in Spanish "el Cono Sur". We discover the great spaces of the Tierra del Fuego and Argentina Patagonia located on the east of the Continent. Patagonia covers an area of about 800,000 square kilometers Chile and Argentina combined, offers us a grand landscape with the Andes Cordillera that separates these two countries and we disclose spectacular contrasting landscapes of islands and archipelagos, mountains , pampas, glaciers, subpolar forests, coastlines, as well as an incredible flora and fauna. We will travel for 14 days this region which is one of the least populated in the world from South to North and also discover the uses and customs of the Argentine cowboys more commonly known as "Gaucho".
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