ARGCHBO21 GROUP | Argentina-Chile-Bolivia 21 days

La Puna, Iguazu, Atacama and the Altiplano

Beyond the borders established by the history of these three countries who fought several times with the Pacific war between Chile and Bolivia or the Chaco war between Bolivia and Argentina. It is in this region common to the three countries that we visit and which offers us an immense area which extends on the North Argentine until Iguazu and in the South of Chile and Bolivia it offers incredible landscapes worthy of the decorations major rallies such as the Dakar, whose itinerary is repeated several times in the regions we visit. We discover desert, lagoon, mountain, volcano, numerous geological and geothermal curiosities as well as a magnificent flora and fauna with Ostriches of the Andes, foxes, Viscachas and of course the many camelids, Lama, Vigogne and Guanaco.
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