ARGCH14 GROUP | Argentina-Chile 14 days

From Cape Horn to the Atlantic Coast

Patagonia covering an area of ​​800,000 km² is shared between Argentina and Chile by the Andes Cordillera and it is in this region of the southern cone of the continent that we begin our journey. We first discover the Argentine land of fire and sail from Ushuaia for 4 days to reach the southernmost sea point of the continent "Cape Horn" located at the southern end of Horn Island. We will be able to admire the maritime fauna and the distant landscape of the Atlantic Ocean which lead to the Antarctic as well as the glaciers and the strait of Magellan before reaching the Chilean Patagonia. We head north and go up to Torres del Paine Park to navigate the fjords and lago Gray and observe the impressive glacier that can reach over a hundred meters high, we also visit the area before leaving the Patagonia for Chiloe Island and National Parks before arriving in Santiago Capital.
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