ARGBOPE21 GROUP | Argentina-Bolivia-Peru 21 days

From the Atlantic coast to Machu Picchu

In this 21-day trip between Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, we first discover the northwestern region of Argentina and progressively climb in altitude while crossing the Puna before reaching Bolivia, we go along the Argentine border on the Bolivian coast in the arid and mountainous lands of the Cordillera des Chichas in the south of Bolivia and across the southern desert and northern Lipez to arrive at the dazzling Salar of Uyuni in the heart of the Atliplano we continue to 'La Paz the highest capital in the world before joining Tiwanaku and cross the Peruvian border near Lake Titicaca, still on the Altiplano we reach the city of Puno and continue to the inevitable city of Cuzco and its many archaeological sites parsemes around the city and in the sacred valley of the Incas. Then we will take the train to spend a pleasant day at Machu Picchu famous archaeological site discovered by the explorer Hiram Bingam before returning to Cuzco to fly to Lima which we visit the historic, colonial and contemporary.
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