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place+ See full itinerary and VisitsAll the visit organize in your triphome HOTEL | Accommodation is either in hotel, hostal, shelter, home stay or camping depending on your program.directions_car DAILY TRANSPORT | Different transport are organized for your trip: Transfer when you arrive and leave, private transport for your visit and programed activities, 3 days of 4wd drive for Uyuni Salt flat and Lipez, 2 domestic flights La Paz-Uyuni and Sucre-La Paz. Expand or Collapse the itinerary to see the Outline full detailedtranslate GUIDES |English Speaking Guides: private or group tours with different local English speaking guides (no tour leader)restaurant MEALS |For lunch (where included) it will either be a lunch box or a hot meal and for dinner (where included) you will be served a hot meal. Please refer to the program for more precision

place Day 1. Bogota ArrivalNo Visit today --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Bogota ---------- directions_carcheck ---------- |Transfert Airport - Hoteltranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantclear -- |Breakfast included Lunch, dinner not included

Today you arrive in Bogota. Our team will be waiting to transfer you to your hotel. After a short briefing, there are no more activities planned for today and you can take the time to rest. Note: Maybe you are already in Colombia for any reason and don’t need to be transfer from the airport on this first day. If it is your case, just let us know and remember that you must be at the hotel to meet your guide. Our team will get in contact with you to inform you about what to do.

place Day 2. Monserrate – RiohachaVisit hill of Monserrate half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Riohacha ------- directions_carflightcheck ---------- |Private transfer Hotel-Airport-Hotel/Private transport for the visits/Flight Bogota-Riohacha ~1h30translate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast, dinner included,Lunch not included

After breakfast we will ride the Monserrate cable car and enjoy the incredible panorama of the city on one side and the Andes on the other. The hill of Monserrate is one of the symbols of the city and the most recognizable formations of the savannah of Bogotá. To get to the top of Monserrate we can use the funicular service which has been inaugurated in 1929. In the afternoon we will be transfer to the airport to fly to Riohacha in northern Colombia on the Carribean Coast.The rest of the day will be free.

place Day 3. Riohacha – Cabo de la VelaVisit Cabo de la Vela half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Cabo de la Vela ---------- directions_carcheck ---------- |Private transport Riohacha-Cabo de la Velatranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast, dinner included Lunch not included

In the morning we will drive to Cabo de la Vela Cabo which is a coastal mirador located in the extreme north of South America in the peninsula of Guajira where we can enjoy a peacefully landscape over the sea and discover El Pilón de Azúcar, La Playa Dorada, El Ojo de Agua and the Rancherías. On our way we will visit the Manaure salt flat recognized mainly for being the most important marine salinas of the country then we continue to Uribia (indigenian capital of Colombia) where the majority of its population is part of the Wayúu people, who inhabit this territory since time immemorial. We arrive around 11:00 to Cabo de la Vela. After lunch we will visit the surrounding sites and take a bath at Playa ojo de agua. Later we will appreciate a nice sunset at the lighthouse of Cabo de la Vela.

place Day 4. Cabo de la Vela – Tayrona parkVisit playa dorada half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Tayrona park ---------- directions_carcheck ---------- |Private transport Cabo de la Vela - Tayronatranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast, lunch included Dinner not included

After breakfast we will go for a walk on the magnificent and desertic beach of playa dorada. Then we will return to Riohacha via Uribia. After a stop to have a pique-nique lunch we will continue to the Tayrona National Natural Park which located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

place Day 5. Tayrona National parkVisit Tayrona park half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Tayrona park ------- directions_cardirections_buscheck ---------- |Tayrona bus inside the parktranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast, lunch included Dinner not included

Today you will visit Tayrona Park and enjoy the many beaches of the park and hiking trails. Tayrona National Natural park is a sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains. Mangrove swamps, corals, algae prairies, thorny scrubland, and magical dry, humid, and cloud forests proliferate and are home to a surprising variety of vegetal and animal species.

place Day 6. Leisure day in Tayrona parkVisit Isla del Sol half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Tayrona park ---------- directions_walkcheck ---------- |No transport todaytranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast, lunch, dinner not included

Enjoy a leisure day in Tayrona National park on your own

place Day 7. Tayrona - Santa Marta and city tourVisit Santa Marta half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Santa Marta ---------- directions_carcheck ---------- |Private Transport Tayrona-Santa Martatranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast included Lunch, dinner not included

After breakfast we will enjoy few hours in the park before driving along the Caribbean Coast and reach Santa Marta one hour away from Tayrona National Park. Santa Marta is the capital of the Colombian department of Magdalena founded in 1525. It’s a city where diversity is present in addition of the charm of its people. After lunch in Santa Marta we will start to visit the town. The city has a historical legacy, represented in the architecture and streets of the historic center, an ideal route to visit the Cathedral, the museums and the Malecón de Bastidas.

place Day 8. Santa Marta - CuzcoNo visit today --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Cuzco ------- directions_carflightcheck ---------- |Private transfer Hotel-Airport-Hotel/Flight Santa Marta – Cuzco via Bogota and Lima ~8h40translate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast, lunch, dinner included

In the morning we will be transfer to the airport of Santa Marta to flight back to Cuzco via Bogota and Lima. Upon arrival at the international airport of Cuzco where our team will be waiting to transfer you to your hotel.

place Day 9. Cuzco - Aguas Calientes Visit Sacred Valley half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Aguas Calientes ------- directions_cardirections_traincheck ---------- |Train Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes ~1h45 / Private transport for the visitstranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast ,lunch included Dinner not included

After breakfast, we visit the Sacred Valley and all the important Inca ruins in the area. We’ll see the ruins of Pisac with (depending on the day) the market, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo - a superb Inca fortress made of megalithic stones. In the evening we take the train to Aguas Calientes - a small village where all the buildings are concentrated along the railway giving it a “gold-digger” ambiance where we spend the night.

place Day 10. Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - CuzcoVisit Machu Picchu half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Cuzco ------- directions_busdirections_traincheck ---------- |Bus Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes/Train Aguas Calientes – Ollantaytambo ~1h45/Transfer Ollantaytambo - Cuzco translate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast ,lunch included Dinner not included

We leave at 07h00 or earlier by bus to visit the famous Machu Picchu. After this impressive visit we return to Aguas Calientes to take the train back to Ollantaytambo, where upon arrival we are transferred to the hotel in Cuzco and the evening is free. The Citadel of Machu Picchu is the most important attraction in Cuzco. It was discovered in 1911 by the American explorer, Hiram Bingham, and is considered to be one of the most extraordinary examples of scenic architecture in the world. In Quechua Machu Picchu means “old mountain”. The Citadel was built on a hilltop which dominates the deep valley of the Urubamba river in the middle of tropical rainforest. Machu Picchu was both a centre of worship and astronomical observation and the private domain of the family of the Inca Pachacuteq.

place Day 11. Cuzco leisure dayFree day in Cuzco --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Cuzco ---------- directions_walkcheck ---------- |No transport todaytranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast included, Lunch dinner not included

The day is free to explore Cuzco on your own.

place Day 12. Cuzco - Puno Visit Raqchi ruins half day --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Puno ------- directions_cardirections_buscheck ---------- |Transfer Hotel – Terminal – Hotel /Touristic bus Cuzco - Puno ~10h00 translate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast, lunch included Dinner not included

In the morning we are transferred to bus station to take the touristic bus that goes to Puno. On our way we visit the church Andahuaylillas from the XVIIth century where we can observe some beautiful paintings. The tour continues through the valley of Cuzco close to the Huacarpay Lake where we make a halt at the pre-Inca site Pikillaqta from the Wari culture (XIIth century) which is partly destroyed. We continue to the Raqchi ruins where we can observe the remains of the central wall of the Wiracocha temple, which was one of the highest covered buildings constructed by the Inca. We stop at Sicuani for lunch before we pass the Raya mountain pass at 4321m/14.180ft and we visit the thermal springs in the region. Our last visit is the ruins of Pukará and we except to arrive in Puno around 19h30 where the evening is free.

place Day 13. Puno - LimaVisit Uros/Amantani island --- homecheck --- |Hotel in Lima ---- directions_boatdirections_carflightcheck ---------- |Transfer Hotel - Airport - Hotel/Flight Lima - Cuzco ~1h15translate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast included, Lunch dinner not included

We leave at 07h30 to visit the floating island of the Uros. The small islands are made of totora reeds, which grow in the lake. The dense roots that the plants develop and interweave form a natural layer called Khili (about one to two meters thick) that support the islands. They are anchored with ropes attached to sticks driven into the bottom of the lake. The reeds at the bottoms of the islands rot away fairly quickly, so new reeds are added to the top constantly, about every three months. The islands last about thirty years. The islands were originally created by the Uros to prevent attacks from their neighbours the Incas. After this fantastic visit, we continue to the Taquile island. This is quite a unique place at the lake where the inhabitants speak Quechua while all the other islands speak Aymara and the island is famous for its traditions and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. After this last visit we head to Juliaca Airport to fly to Lima. Our team will pick you up and drive you to the hotel. The rest of the day will be free.

place Day 14. Lima departure No Visit today --- homecheck --- |Departure ---------- directions_carcheck ---------- |Transfer Hotel-Airport-Hoteltranslate ESG ---- |English Speaking Guide-- restaurantcheck -- |Breakfast is included at the hotel depending on your time of departure. If you must leave the hotel before breakfast is served at the hotel (normally at 07h00) breakfast is not included

According to your time of departure* you are transferred from the hotel to the airport. For international flights, it is recommended to arrive at the airport 3 hours before scheduled departure. End of our services.

Important: Itinerary can change because of weather or social conditions and some sights are not always accessible – Lipiko South America cannot be held responsible for any changes in itinerary and sights not visited as a result.