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You too, you will have more
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I like going straight to the point.

You dream of discovering the wonders of Bolivia, but right now your budget is tight.

Does your research about the country and comments from other travelers discourage you?

Yes, like other countries of Latin America, Bolivia is not as a budget-destination that it was 25 years ago.Legend is hard to kill, but times are changing.

"With a heavy heart" you think even to cancel the trip to Bolivia?

I understand your disappointment.

Now imagine that for a ridiculously low price, we hand the magic of the Andes to you "on a plate".Suddenly your dream about Bolivia is within your

What do you think?
I know what you would say, "where's the catch?" That's right, isn’t it?

So, is there a catch?
Yes, there is one


Which one?

Let’s make the thing very clear: the catch is that for fear of this being a "scam", you pass on this amazing offer. Yes, this is where the trap is and nowhere else.

So, let’s play with open cards and read on what is BOOST Bolivia:

What is this exclusive offer?

Here it is: your journey "BOOST mode" includes:
- 14 days through the most beautiful places in Bolivia: guided visits, transport, accommodation (13 nights) and meals (13 breakfasts,10 lunches, 10 dinners) + all the entries to national parks and museums
- A full briefing with our team on arrival (see details in the appendixes we send you upon your reservation)
- The BOOST Bolivia guide app, an accurate and precise feature with all the "secret tips" to fully optimize your stay.
- A personal BOOST-kit full of surprises, amongst others:
- A City Tour bus sightseeing in La Paz
- A Cholitas Wrestling ticket
- And a bonus card to enjoy a range of discounts while in South America.
All of this is your's for only $ 489 per person, or about $ 35 per day!

And no additional costs (taxes, entries, fees or anything else) will be asked or charged.

Yes, I know, the price is hard to believe but it's a NEW exclusive offer and quality service.
We want you to enjoy this launch!

I also know that this could seem too amazing and you think that for EQUAL SERVICE, other travel agencies would offer the same price or even at more astonishing rates.

That will not happen.

You can search if you want but you will loose time. Indeed, the concept BOOST is UNIQUE.

Anyway, we will keep the right to cancel bookings of $ 489 once we have reached 1000 BOOST travelers. We plan then to offer the BOOST trip at $ 597, which, even at this price is a bargain.

By taking this opportunity to $ 489, so you save $ 108.

Now you can
put us to test,
we are ready

To book
* your BOOST trip, follow these easy steps:

Click the "Boost Now" button below , complete the registration form and pay a $ 50 deposit by credit card. You will receive an email from our costumer service, confirming your payment.

You will also receive details of your registration and confidential information. Please, read this information carefully.

You risk NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING.

Indeed, if you are in doubt, you can put us to the test by canceling your reservation. Our Costumer Service BOOST will refund your deposit of $ 50, FREE of any charges and without asking any questions.

You too, you will have more
than the value of your money

You too deserve to enjoy great opportunities.

Also, the trip to South America that you desired so much, but were willing to abandon for economic reasons, you can now achieve without making your wallet scream.

Yours sincerely,
Boost Bolivia Manager
Karoline K. D

PS: I have good news.

You are a group of 5 people? Your stay will be only $ 479 per person...

And that's not all.
You are a group of 10? Your stay will be only person $ 473 per person

Finally, look at the attached document here. Detailed information is waiting for you.
*: Reservation: We departure with only 2 reservations
(Groups are 2 people up to 12 people max)

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