What do you say ?

The other day a guy came to me and said: “90’s price are good, but I prefer the 80’s”

“What did you say” I replied 
and then I thought : “this guy thinks that I travel in time just for fun and got nothing else to do !” I found that so unfair.

Anyway because he seemed like a nice guy I proposed a nice deal to him . And I asked “do you feel like becoming a Boost Booster?”, “What did you say “ he replied and “what the heck is a Boost Booster?”.

I told him : "if you like so much the 80’s price - come with your crew of minimum 5 “80’s price lover” and you will get another price, maybe not from the 80’s but at least from 31 December 89 at midnight".

And : "If you bring 10 people you will get even more surprised and a 50$ off your own Boost tour". Lucky me, my travel machine don't travel yet in the 70's...

Discover the 80’s price lover thing!

Boost Team
Boost Team


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