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When prices of 2015 look like price of the 90's

Isn’t it unbelievable? People who travelled to Bolivia in the 90’s or before, and who has re-visited during the last 5 years, don’t stop telling me "when I was here last time Bolivia wasn’t that expensive..!". Is this true or BS? Do they remember wrong, do they try to manipulate me just to get a better price on their tour?

To be honest - they're right.

Bolivia never used to be that expensive, everything has good reasons to increase its prices - if it’s not the gasoline it’s something else, and so it goes on…. I remember when I was here in the 90’s, the price of the famous piece of bread the "maraqueta" was on 0,15 Bs, but since 2005 all prices have soared. On some products there has been an increase of up to 100%! My good and delicious piece of bread is now on 0,50 Bs and the size reduced a 10%, bloody baker..!

What happened? Is Bolivia being a legend as the cheapest country in South America dead, buried, finished, and forgotten?

I don’t think so! The thing is that you have to know how Bolivia works, and mix your lemonade. Today it is possible to travel Bolivia with silver cutlery if you fancy this - 5-stars hotels, the Teleferico (cable car) (can’t have tube, see the geography), and it's very own satellite (!) (lost however, but it's out there...). Nevertheless, in a certain and selfish way we don’t want Bolivia to be like that because it spoils the landscape and sabotage our holidays.

This is why we made a travel to the past and brought back from the 90’s the price of 459$ for a 14 day-tour in Bolivia with the quality, comfort and modernity of today. You don’t believe me? I understand - and you’re right, because we still don’t have a machine to travel back in time… However, you can now travel Bolivia to the price from the 90’s of 459$ for a 14 day-tour and that's what matters. Voila! 

Boost Now to the 90’s price!  


Boost Team
Boost Team


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